Cognitive CMO...the way to go?

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Is this the new way for the future and is Cognitive able to help marketers? Read the book by clicking on the picture.

What if you had a system that could...
  • discover and target audiences within minutes?
  • activate the right message and deliver to the right individuals at the right time through real-time personalisation rules?
  • engage digitally with customers in a more human way to personalise service and increase conversion throughout their relationship?
  • predict whether a campaign is likely to fall short of its goal, so the marketing team can course-correct in ight and deliver for the business?
  • analyse all of your content, and that of your key competitors, and then assess your “tone” and theirs and guide your team to create better content?
  • Find and and select images and other content to use in your next marketing campaign based on alignment with your message?


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