Marketing 2020 - step1: inputs

Inputs for the Integrated Planning System

2020 Marketing - Digital Strategy

As simple as it looks you need to start with understanding your digital environment in the country you start implementing the process. Although majority of the social networks and search engines in the western world will be around the obvious ones like Facebook, Google, Google+,Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest. Think through, is it a B2B or B2C environment and for which industry you need to develop it. If for instance you would create this for B2C environment in Spain in the media & entertainment industry you have to identify the critical social platforms around music and movies. At that moment already new networks arise like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud. A list of social networks by interest area can be used as a starter like Trafficd. 

Writing for the different platforms good content is an art a good guideline can be found at Pinterest How to create a perfect social media post

Now let's check where I can improve....


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