Transformation in marketing

Today if you look at traditional marketing organizations the competencies and capabilities do not longer fit future requirements for the marketing department. Companies have build up competencies in marketing insights, market management, demand generation, marketing operations, people and organization. In some organizations you still see that the brand management is separate organized and not well interlocked with marketing and many other parts of the organization. This could be a starting point to establish as you want to ensure in today's digital world that you brand and culture are authentically one. I believe already in 2008 I spoke at different events regarding New New Media and the importance of authenticity. Over the years this has become more and more important. Analytics have become more sophisticated through not only large amounts of historical data but today includes many possible data sources and attributes from an omni channel environment. (Think about not the clasical data sources demographics, sociographics, but social media friends, programs enrolled, arcade games results, interaction and many others). Now acquiring all data and leveraging these becomes an important corporate asset. The analytical part, the brand and cultural part all feed into better management of the customer experience and help to improve and create consistency through all touch points your brand is able to engage with customers. What ever the contact is, physical in a shop, digital, social, mobile, contact center or through TV or radio ..the goal is to create a great experience. If that is the case you will generate more and more promoters of your brand.
Your company probably does not have all in place at the moment to build a structured plan to transform to the smarter marketing environment. If you would like to talk about this how I can support you feel free to give a call, reply or email me.


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