Socially Synergistic Enterprises

This week I present around Socially Synergistic Enterprises. The human side of the smarter planet. Balancing internal and external collaboration to improve innovation. This all takes place at the 5th annual New Product Development Strategies event in Amsterdam 9 and 10 June. I will start to show how IBM set up product development, through Integrated Product Development process. If you have a fountain of opportunities which ones are the most successful. How I worked with my US colleague Alan Dickinson designing the criteria for selection of new Emerging Business Opportunities that IBM should bring to market. The role of marketing and the challenges with new solutions, technologies and customer sets. How to select and bring Horizon 3 (5+years market adoption) products to Horizon 2 (2-5 years market adoption) to Horizon 1..what you sell to day.
How it evolved and how IBM is using Jammin´ like Jazz musicians to get people communicating and discussing with each other who normally would never speak or meet. Have a look at Collaboration Jam. A smart way of making use of the wisdom of crowds. That social becomes more and more important also for enterprises shows the social business jam. Items that were discussed Identify the risks and establishing governance. Using social to understand and engage with customers, What social means for IT. Building participatory organisations through social adoption and building the social business of the future. To take it one step further I show the item socially synergistic enterprises from the Global Technology Outlook 2011.

My presentation for that day Socially Synergistic Enterprises


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