Weathering the storm

Begin 2000 still a lot of Internet Service Providers (ISP) received funding from venture capitalist and they wanted to start quickly. The challenge was to get a services combined with a basic platform up and running in a short time as speed to market was demanded. Competition was starting to becomes violent between internet service providers but also for the providers of IT hardware, software and services. Sun was strongly investing in service providers directly which was a high risk as to my view it was not core business of SUN to be a venture capitalist. It turned out a few years later when the bubble really burst those with direct investments were hit the hard way. I was asked to leverage the bundle experience from ServicePac and I continued with the concept. I defined a package of a practise (consultancy) with a IT infrastructure with tested building blocks on an open source that should be easy to build up. I responded by defining IBM ParaBlue for ISP, an adaptive architecture that can not only be implemented quickly and successfully but is capable of evolving to meet the developing needs of the ISP. What new in the bundling was my design of the 7 zones. I tried to simplify the compexity of a network architecture by defining different zones. Starting from the entrance which I named the Access zone. These zone were the beginning of a larger project.


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