Change the package, bundle and combine to generate demand

Access to internet was emerging around 1996, still in the early days. High expectations around internet usage were predicted. Other applications took of like on-line banking or connecting locations and remote workers as early starts for a mobility strategy that could have helped a lot in present traffic congestion CO2 generating habits. Changing habits and adoption of new working methods is frighting for managers and most people that want control. Like Seth Godin mentioned..a change in the status quo is what most people want to avoid. The assignment in 1996 was to build an attractive offering to increase the connectivity revenue for small and medium business. The idea and easy to order and install bundle of network services, hardware and software sold through business partners. First all the basics, business plan and marketing plan. After +- 9 months the baby was ready. The naming convention rejected all 15 names I creatively fantasized i.e. IBM ROCK (Remote Office Connection Kit) a fancy name. I was strongly recommended to use IBM ServicePac for Network Access as that was already existing and o boy watch out for something new...what's in a name.
3 versions:
  • Single user version
  • Five user version
  • 250 user version
As the spider in the web the project had different departments involved in total about 40 people: Marketing, Marketing Communication, Finance, Legal, Contract & Negotiations, Business Process Design, Delivery, Productionline Development, Business Partner Organisation, Network Hardware department (ISDN cards, PCMCIA), Software (Dialer, Haifa Voice recognition). When I was ready I could immediately change the purchase order process to an on-line order process that was more user friendly. Many innovations were part of the project like: the packaging, the order process and the contracts T&C. In IBM we used the Integrated Service Development process with a flex option (isd-flex or ipd-flex) to create these type of solutions with existing products. At that time we did not have deep analytics that could have helped to better understand which combination of products would have been the best. It was based on primary and secondary market research. IBM decided in the furture to build solutions only through a marketing approach to address the business need. ServicePac for Network Access was one of the best experiences in IBM, build something from scratch.


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