Can digital make or break your company (content revealed)

Recently I spoke at MarTech17 in Utrecht MediaPlaza. The room was full of marketers with B2C, B2B and marketing technology vendor companies. I introduced them to the world of the Smarter Home and digital assistants to the challenges and the importance of the brand in this "noisy" era of messages. I use the concepts of IBM Digital Reinvention™  and the recent study of Brand-Belonging.  I combined both and showed the importance to think first before jumping into point technical solutions. Many companies marketing or IT departments buy tools as the original MarTech template shows thousand of different brands are available...none of them tells you something how they interconnect. That interconnect is needed to make the changes for the future and to make the relevant changes to your Brand-Belonging  Also,  the complexity of today's marketing environment shows the emergence of AI to support the marketer's decisions. One of the questions I received from the audience was: "What is more important the Marketing Technology or the Brand-Belonging. " My answer is first to make sure your brand connects to your environment with the audience and target groups. Through the assessment we do at IBM iX we help your company to create a Brand-Belonging,  with combining it with the user needs we help you to make a real impact. After that, we can assess if your current technology platforms meet the needs of your marketing department to support the planned impact. If you have interest in this topic or want me to speak at your event contact me through LinkedIn Marcel Baron.


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