Working in Munich @ Watson IoT Electronics Industry Lab

These days I am working most of the week in Munich Germany to create the content for the Customer Experience Center and Electronics Industry Lab workshops around Watson Internet of Things. It is an Amazing Building and I tell you when the opening is in a few weeks it's the place to be. 

Back in December 2015 IBM announced the new Watson IoT Global Headquarters and our first ever Watson IoT Client Experience Center. The new headquarters, located in Munich, will bring together the best experts in a "campus" environment to drive collaborative innovation and deeper engagement with clients and partners from around the world. The center will also serve as a lab for data scientists, engineers and programmers to build innovative solutions at the intersection of cognitive computing and the IoT. The IBM Munich Center will cultivate the most vibrant global ecosystem of clients, startups, researchers and academics from every industry.

 The Watson IoT Global Headquarters is an important investment made by IBM in Europe and it will provide access to IBM’s open, cloud-based IoT platform to clients, start-ups, partners and academia to bring into life new cognitive IoT products, services and solutions.

 The Watson IoT Global Headquarters will be avant-garde in this new era in technology and it will make IBM stand out as the leading provider of cutting-edge solutions. In order to do so, the IBM Munich Center will gather the best experts and most prominent talented people, and that will be its differentiating and unique advantage. The five electronics positions are posted below and I encourage you to think if this is an opportunity that would be right for you or someone in your professional network.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be involved in a start-up opportunity at IBM on such an important emerging technology.  Below are the positions that you can find on IBM’s job portal:


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