How will your 2020 marketing organization look like?

Recently I have worked on a model how will your 2020 marketing organization look like and what capabilities to build and focus on. Base for this is that the Customer experiences are growing everyday thanks to digitization. To refer to a quote from Bridget van Kralingen, SVP, IBM Global Business Services
The last best experience that anyone has anywhere, becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere and the quality of that experience is entirely dependent on the use of individualized information.
All these powerful digital forces, social, mobile, cloud, analytics, fundamentally change the way enterprises do business. These changes represent significant opportunities for organizations to invest in digital capabilities and transform customer relationships across 4 key dimensions. My view they best start at the marketing department to lead the pack. The four dimensions are:
  1. Customer Strategy
  2. Customer Innovation creative and design
  3. Customer Analytics
  4. Customer Platforms..(ie. mobile) 

Another transformation, already envisioned by Ogilvy in 2009, that becomes current is that the traditional use of the marketing mix 4P evolves in to the 4E The product becomes the experience, the place is everywhere, the promotion is evangelize and the price is an exchange.

With all these transformation forces surrounding the enterprise but specifically the marketing department implementing, this customer focused strategy, can best start and be supported by a 5 step integrated planning system. Below you can have a look at the model and in my future blogpost I will elaborate on this. Let me know your thoughts.


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