So you THINK you know your customer?

So you think you can dance? We can now start the contest "So you think you know your customer" ? Highly relevant for most of the customers I meet with...but all of them find it challenging to change and transform their organizations to deliver on it. At IBM we now use a proven methodology "Accelerated Visioning" to increase the speed of understanding the business area's to understand what needs to be changed in the organization from people, process and technology point of view. Last week I spoke at a round table event Innovation Leader Program - Uncovering Consumer Insights and Identify Hidden Needs, a strong Retail industry related event. What I observed at this round table is the maturity of organizations regarding this topic is low. With the understanding and uncovering the hidden needs you also build a base to create valuable customer experiences that help you to build your brand and  contribute to customer loyalty. A good way to learn more about this is to meet me at Monaco

See you there!!


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