Front End of Innovation 2012 Zurich

Begin this year I received an invitation to speak at the Front End of Innovation 2012, Zurich. My lecture was about Socially Synergistic Enterprises, and I introduced the SMART Influencer ECO system as new trend.  You can have a look at the presentation SMART Influencer ECO system. I used Mind Jet Vision please let me know if you want to have access as I am not sure this link works (FEI Socially Synergistic Enterorises 2012) My view is that Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) become more and more important for enterprises.
What I liked very much was the organization of the event, lead by Kelly Schram, decided to use a game activity with all attendees to get an experience and find solutions regarding the challenge how to get your ideas sponsored and supported in your organisation. It sounded that of all attendees only one person had ever succeeded to implement is idea in full scope. The company who developed the game is SEEK inc  and their program innovations by seek. Great fun and dynamic and full of energy people to work with like Jerry Haselmayer CEO but also the Innovation team led by Greg Hewitt and his team member Ben Doepke.
As part of the jury we had to vote for best team who idea together with 2 other jurymembers Mike Hatrick, Innovation Manager, Swisslog, Michael Heiss, Principle, Globally Responsible for Open Innovation Networks, Siemens. The set up was a bit like US got talent or those type of shows. All was influenced by the attendees who were able to vote for the best group.
A session which I personally very much appreciated was the business model innovation workshop by Alexander Osterwalder about Game-Changing Business Models If you download the business model canvas you will experience which area's of your business can be improved, excellent speaker entertaining and intelligent approach.
End conclusion excellent event, good level of attendees and speakers...good place to spend your time and go next time.


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