Chris Anderson: How web video powers global innovation | Video on

Chris Anderson: How web video powers global innovation Video on

The new Influencers can be found on video websites and Chris talks about how this accelerates innovation and change. Same for music and playing an instrument (for me guitar)...either you quit because you see highly talented young people and get frustrated or get inspired and become part of the flow to get better and create new music. And what about a Smarter Planet will the new key influencers change bad behavior and create a smarter and better place to live through web video? I´d like to challenge a model I created amoungst topics and try to find out who has the highest impact or influence.

As example lets take the dancers in the Chris Anderson TED talk. The person on the video has certainly visibility and the number of viewers is a good indicator of that. Is he or she an authority is still to be defined as this is maybe the only video with an innovative, exclusive talented skill the person has showed. In my model I also measure the relation the person has with his peer group / environment. In the video post I measure the number of other dancers who watched the video from an impact point of view. If the person further is measured on the media relation, in this case it was only a YouTube video. But it could be the person was invited for a TV broadcast session other YouTube or Web streams shows (i.e. Ustream). The next step regarding sales cycle I would not take that into account as the model I created makes difference between implementing the idea and influence up to the influence around a proposal decision. With the participation level axis I try to find a way for mapping the influencer has a personal objective to be involved. In the case of the dancer it is a strong sharing skills of a hobby. The picture on the top right is not representing a map of this dance video but the visual conclusion is the more coverage you have in this spider the higher the impact or influence. The challenge is listening the web 2.0 social networks and build the spider diagram with the overflow of data. I am interested in those who have experience with this.


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