Serious Games

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by a friend Jean Michel Blottiere who organized les e.virtuoses in Lille France. For me the first time to attend a serious game only event. A couple of years back it was part of the entertainment game events but this was different. The audience mainly of business, academics, city government, serious game specialist developers and companies. Excellent event to get a better understanding of serious games is more than simulation also creating new incites into cities. For a Media Impression click here. Daniel Kaplan showed me how with the use of people and special watches in a city like Paris visualization of traffic congestion is possible. Further very good example and demo was the link to business with simulation of business processes with Innovate 2.0.
If we build a serious game that includes business (managed) processes and real live data and a focus on topics around
would give possibilities to better understand cause and effect and build intelligent reaction to situations in cities, countries and geographies.


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