Thinking through all the campaigns I developed more and more I focus on who influences the buying decision instead of only the decision making unit. If I just look at buying behavior of my family you can identify paterns. In some cases the children listen to their friends and leaders in their groups or guilds when it is about clothes, games and music. I asked them how they new what was the latest greatest. Where in the generation 60/70/80 ies I had the guidance from the radio, tv every week with a crisp and clear TOP 40 overview. Today's generation create their list through a myriad of ways. Analysing that social network and who has the highest influence or has the leadership role would be ground breaking understanding for future marketeers. Another way is that popular music artist (they are a brand) could be used to integrate your message. A linkage with a social theme i.e. Watermanagement, technology and an artist could be a great move. An example I take an existing record as example: Miles Davis is planning to launch a new album "Kind of Blue" and organises a tour, what about including the water management theme when the audience visits the performing artist, other brands like i.e. Philips could be part of it with new Blue Light solutions, IBM Big Blue would fit with the watermanagement solutions. The challenge is to make sure the artist, compositions , brands and theme fit all together...brand management


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