The concept of the architectural umbrella with 7 zones

The concept was that a dynamic environment like those of service providers in 2000 but basic each company that has an IT infrastructure is build around a number of basic infrastructure blocks. I called them zones and used them also identify in each sub brand of IBM, Hardware (x, i, p and z series), sofware (DB2, Websphere, Lotus and Tivoli ) and services to map all their offerings that would fit in the zones. Also added in there were couple of ISV (independent sofware vendors) who offered a solution in each zone. That was the base of the e- infrastructure campaign in 2001. A simplified visual and database behind all components to build an infrastructure that can weather every storm of demand. You can read this in the brochure through the link. The combination with an installation practice from service completed this. Today you would add services for a dynamic infrastructure that help to reduce cost, add services and security. Also this infrastructure was used for the game zones which I will explain in the next post. The Game infrastructure build on 6 zones.


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