Seth Godin the London Session

One word for these sessions Provoke - SYNONYMS provoke, incite, excite, stimulate, arouse, rouse, stir. These verbs mean to move a person to action or feeling or to summon something into being by so moving a person. To free colleagues from the status quo.

Great to meet and see Seth Godin performing on stage about Marketing, Leadership & Being Remarkable - Live and in Person.. His ideas provoke... and you leave the room with energy and ideas to take action. Very refreshing. I shared with him the IBM study on Virtual Worlds, Real Leaders. This nicely links to his thoughts in Tribes on leadership in companies and in today's web 2.0 world. Also shared with him The New New Media
another study as part of the Global Innovation Outlook 3.0. I share it with him to compare his thoughts on Authenticity and the one written in the study. What was great to see were the diversity of people in the room..the Seth Godin Tribe. There were artist, musicians, business people, job seekers, fans, even a vicar (asked Seth the questions if there was something like "Evil Marketing"). I recorded Seth you can listen to the mp3. Skip the first 2 minutes than quality improves..will edit later when time permits.


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