`Bebop was about change, about evolution.
It wasn't about standing still and becoming save.
If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change´.
Miles Davis

July 23, 2014

IDC Releases 2014 Predictions for Chief Marketing Officers - prUS24541813

IDC Releases 2014 Predictions for Chief Marketing Officers - prUS24541813

The ten predictions and my comments in BLUE

The Top 10 Predictions are:
  • Prediction 1 – The CMO role becomes "open for definition" as today's CMO job description becomes considerably more complex and critical.
    • my view it moves towards the Customer Experience Officer or maybe the Chief Interactive Experience Officer
  • Prediction 2 - Innovative CMO and CIO pairs will throw out the rule book when it comes to IT's support of Marketing
    • No doubt CMO´s will have to work closely with the CIO with all analytical software, marketing automation and real time dashboard / measurement demands.
  • Prediction 3 - By 2020, the Marketing function in leading companies will be radically reshaped into three organizational "systems" - content, channels, and consumption (data)
    • Would not be sure these are the three "systems" that are critical. My view we move towards:
    1. My view it will stronger move towards a segment persona driven operating model
    2. Agree with the channels as they become OMNI channel (seamlessly integrated)
    3. Consumption data..would be data collection ...360° view, hyperactive persona measurement
    4. Marketing Technology - Infrastructure - processes, measurement
    • John Iwata, IBM sr VP marketing & communication developed 3 systems: Corporate Character (Brand & Culture), Make Markets (Strategy), Capture Markets (Demand Generation).
  • Prediction 4 - The best marketers will understand that "Content Marketing" does not equal "Thought Leadership"
    • No brainer
  • Prediction 5 - Multi-channel coverage becomes an opportunity and a challenge area, as CMOs integrate media silos
    • Especially the seamlessly hop from smart phone to tablet to Laptop, PC...and continue where you left...
  • Prediction 6 - 80% of customer data will be wasted due to immature enterprise data "value chains"
    • Agree I see that many organizations are collecting so much data and have so much data available but still have no idea and the capability to analyse  something smart out of it.
  • Prediction 7 - By the end of 2014, 60% of CMOs will have formal recruiting process for people with data skills
    • see my view they realized already a couple of years ago but it is difficult to find the us :-)
  • Prediction 8 - Only 20% of marketers will receive formal training on analytics and customer data management
    • Good point to build training and education for marketeers on this. We have a great Spanish team that can do this. They build a great case with SONY Pictures in ES.
  • Prediction 9 - Fragmented marketing IT point products and low adoption rate will inhibit companies' ability to win customers
  • Prediction 10 - Digital marketing investment will exceed 50% of total program budget by 2016
    •  Unavoidable digital is driving the transformation

July 21, 2014

How will your 2020 marketing organization look like?

Recently I have worked on a model how will your 2020 marketing organization look like and what capabilities to build and focus on. Base for this is that the Customer experiences are growing everyday thanks to digitization. To refer to a quote from Bridget van Kralingen, SVP, IBM Global Business Services
The last best experience that anyone has anywhere, becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere and the quality of that experience is entirely dependent on the use of individualized information.
All these powerful digital forces, social, mobile, cloud, analytics, fundamentally change the way enterprises do business. These changes represent significant opportunities for organizations to invest in digital capabilities and transform customer relationships across 4 key dimensions. My view they best start at the marketing department to lead the pack. The four dimensions are:
  1. Customer Strategy
  2. Customer Innovation creative and design
  3. Customer Analytics
  4. Customer Platforms..(ie. mobile) 

Another transformation, already envisioned by Ogilvy in 2009, that becomes current is that the traditional use of the marketing mix 4P evolves in to the 4E The product becomes the experience, the place is everywhere, the promotion is evangelize and the price is an exchange.

With all these transformation forces surrounding the enterprise but specifically the marketing department implementing, this customer focused strategy, can best start and be supported by a 5 step integrated planning system. Below you can have a look at the model and in my future blogpost I will elaborate on this. Let me know your thoughts.

When you think of .........what are your first thoughts

I would be interested in what your thoughts are when you think about the IBM brand. It is values in 2012 as number 2 most valuable brand by BrandZ. You can read the article  "Success stacks-up for big names"  

May 31, 2013

IBM Research: From Vivaldi to Wagner to Schubert

IBM Research: From Vivaldi to Wagner to Schubert

Awesome results from IBM Research. I remember that I showed IBM research in 2003 in Monaco at one of the Game events that research was capable to analyze the compositions and search in all the work from Philip Glass. This takes it a step further.

The structure of three consecutive semi-tones determines the way we hear and perceive music. Simple factors, such as the time between the three notes, the tone between the notes, and the order of the notes account for identifiable trends within the eras of music

May 22, 2013

So you THINK you know your customer?

So you think you can dance? We can now start the contest "So you think you know your customer" ? Highly relevant for most of the customers I meet with...but all of them find it challenging to change and transform their organizations to deliver on it. At IBM we now use a proven methodology "Accelerated Visioning" to increase the speed of understanding the business area's to understand what needs to be changed in the organization from people, process and technology point of view. Last week I spoke at a round table event Innovation Leader Program - Uncovering Consumer Insights and Identify Hidden Needs, a strong Retail industry related event. What I observed at this round table is the maturity of organizations regarding this topic is low. With the understanding and uncovering the hidden needs you also build a base to create valuable customer experiences that help you to build your brand and  contribute to customer loyalty. A good way to learn more about this is to meet me at Monaco

See you there!!

February 21, 2013

Social Product Innovation

Webinar Social Product Innovation available on Front End of Innovation

Last week we were joined by esteemed Front End of Innovation EMEA speaker Marcel Baron of IBM for a webinar update on his 2012 presentation "Socially Synergistic Enterprise: Balancing Internal and External Collaboration to Improve Innovation."

I discussed the fact that businesses are currently facing several challenges:
Consumer demand is constantly evolving requiring better analysis of insights.
Customers need products to meet requirements as they develop.
Long lead times of raw materials / parts require tighter integration of development and manufacturing teams.

Companies can develop differentiated products and services faster and cheaper through Social Product and Service Innovation

Or view on the ReadyTalk site here:

To register for the other web seminars in our complimentary series, or for the 7th annual Front End of Innovation EMEA conference, visit our event website here. Readers of this blog save 15% off the standard rate. Mention code FEIEMEA13BLOG to reserve at this rate.

Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She can be reached at mleblanc [AT] iirusa [DOT] com with any questions about this webinar series.